Episode 10 - Fanatic

Time Wasters Club with eddyizm

This week was the worst quality recording YET! I tried to record while driving out to joshua tree with me in the backseat which sounded like a good idea after the successful recording at the airport recently. I used the cardiod mode and airport, as loud as it was, was still much quieter than driving in the highway. Anyways,you've been warned and I prefaced the podcast with that warning. I decided to publish it because it was pretty funny. We discuss film photography and Bartosek's near film fanaticism, his purchase of Amazon's Alexa device, climbing and several of his unpopular opinions. I also got to meet and talk with his friend Lorenzo, a physicist from Bologne, Italia where I once traveled to back in 2007. We also spoke about the attacks Paris as it was fresh in our minds.
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Lesson of the week - No more fucking recording podcasts in a moving car with the omni direction mode. Ever.

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